Kết thúc chuỗi bài Sample Cue Card sẽ là Cue Card Sample Answer Topic 10 – Describe a time when you had a problem with using the computer. Bài viết lần này vẫn sẽ cung cấp cho bạn đọc 2 bài Sample và ngoài ra sẽ có một phần dịch thuật giúp bạn dễ theo dõi. Cùng Tâm Nghiêm đến với bài viết bên dưới nhé!

Cue Card Sample Answer Topic 10 - Describe a time when you had a problem with using the computer

Cue Card Sample Answer Topic 10 – Outline

Với yêu cầu đề bài này, học sinh cần lên outline để trình bày trong thời gian 2 phút, là khoảng thời gian được yêu cầu trong bài Cue Card Speaking Part 2 của IELTS. Đi kèm với các Sample Answer ở bên dưới, học sinh chú ý xem outline của mình dựng và bài bẫu có gì khác biệt.

    • Ý 1: What was it? and when did it happened: 1 months ago, when i need to finish my school assignment
    • Ý 2: Where it happened? Both at home and in the school library
    • Ý 3: What were the problems? I cannot open my file in both at home and school computer, and deadline is only 1 day left
    • Ý 4: Explain how you solve the problem? Ask for help from teachers and librarians

Outline Cue Card Ielts Speaking Part 2 dành cho bạn mới học

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Cue Card Sample Answer Topic 10 – Sample 1

What was it? and when did it happened?

  It occurred as I was approaching my senior year of high school. It accounted for approximately 45 percent of my total grade point average at the time, and I was pursuing a degree with High Distinction. I would have the assurance to apply to prestigious universities and enroll in a professional setting with that grade. Everything ran smoothly nearly two days prior to the deadline, and my intention was to submit my assignment one day early to allow for sufficient time for review and other commitments. What was to come had already occurred. As usual, I saved the assignment file to a single USB and returned home, where I prepared for another round of revisions and the submission. Upon opening the file on my laptop, however, an error message stating “cannot open this file” appeared.

Where it happened?

What were the problem?

I was in a state of panic because it was the very first time I had encountered a problem of this nature. In an effort to avert a storm in a teacup, I drew a deep breath and resolved to return to the library immediately to retrieve the assignment and submit it. Regrettably, the library had recently ceased operations, leaving no correspondence or interaction with librarians. I was at a loss for what to do; it seemed as though the page had turned blank. Despite having an additional day until the deadline, I was unable to generate a viable solution. Numerous negative thoughts plagued my mind: I might not even be able to graduate.

Explain how you solve the problem? 

Being in front of the school library and having done nothing but dwell on my thoughts for an hour, I made the decision to contact the head teacher for assistance. He fortunately arrived 15 minutes after my call, accompanied by a librarian. They attempted to access the file after launching the library and activating the library computer. An hour passed with no indication that the file had been opened, despite the instructor’s belief that I had completed the assignment. Fortunately, the other librarian, who was also a school technician, approached. He had a comprehensive understanding of file savings, and my assignment was successfully saved within a mere five minutes.

It appears as though the blue moon has passed and the sky is becoming brighter. I thanked every librarian and my instructor and immediately submitted the file.

Cue Card Sample Answer Topic 10 – Sample 2

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